Episode Thirty-Nine: Taking Care of Unfinished Business (Part Two)

Episode 39 April 26, 2021 00:43:37
Episode Thirty-Nine: Taking Care of Unfinished Business (Part Two)
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Episode Thirty-Nine: Taking Care of Unfinished Business (Part Two)

Apr 26 2021 | 00:43:37


Show Notes

Conversation about how we are challenged in the present to attend to unfinished emotional business continues, with both Allen and Thom giving specific examples (personal and professional) of how this work plays out. Producer, Patrick Newman, asks about actually finishing what is unfinished and if there is a time when it is completed, which takes the conversation in the very important direction of understanding that the goal is not to "finish" but to continue to attend to what we become aware of.


The shift in attention is more a matter of process than it is content. The emotionally sober person accepts responsibility for facing and addressing what comes up, but need not feel compelled to search every corner of the psyche what might be unresolved. Once more, a common theme for this podcast emerges: life is to be lived only from the present moment. We are not required to understand everything that has gone on before, nor required to predict the future.


Opie disobeys his Pa in order to look good in his friends' eyes and learns a valuable lesson.


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