Episode Forty: How Do We Say Goodbye?

Episode 40 May 03, 2021 00:50:56
Episode Forty: How Do We Say Goodbye?
Start Right Here: Conversations About What Matters Most
Episode Forty: How Do We Say Goodbye?

May 03 2021 | 00:50:56


Show Notes

The first thing we’ll say to anyone who has listened to any of our episodes to date is a BIG THANK YOU. We are not going anywhere but we are transitioning to a new focus and format for our weekly podcast. All that comes with our new title: "Emotional Sobriety." Next week’s episode will be a fresh start.


Today, Allen, Thom, and Patrick discuss what it means to say goodbye due to change in circumstance, relationship ending, or death. The most essential point we can make is that any attempts to avoid or even deny loss when it is happening in our lives will only serve to slow our progress and often leads to our becoming completely stuck. Though consciously and honestly processing all thoughts and feelings related to loss takes a lot of work, it is only through that processing that we grow. In our final installment of Start Right Here, we observe how moving through loss with honesty and vulnerability can result in significant and often life-enhancing gains.


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