Episode Thirty-Eight: Taking Care of Unfinished Business (Part One)

Episode 38 April 19, 2021 00:44:40
Episode Thirty-Eight: Taking Care of Unfinished Business (Part One)
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Episode Thirty-Eight: Taking Care of Unfinished Business (Part One)

Apr 19 2021 | 00:44:40


Show Notes

Allen, Thom and Patrick all share their personal experiences to shed light on the therapeutic work of investigating our past as a way of helping to resolve issues in the present. Emphasis is placed on the importance of understanding that all changes we make happen in the present tense, that we always have choices available to us. Dealing with past in therapy and through support groups is not something we do to completion but instead is the beginning of an expanded redefining of ourselves. Next episode will be a continuation of this discussion with an emphasis on what we can do to bring about practical changes in the present.


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