Episode Thirty-Five: How Can We Manage Our Flagging Self-Esteem? (Part Two)

Episode 35 March 22, 2021 00:48:12
Episode Thirty-Five: How Can We Manage Our Flagging Self-Esteem? (Part Two)
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Episode Thirty-Five: How Can We Manage Our Flagging Self-Esteem? (Part Two)

Mar 22 2021 | 00:48:12


Show Notes

Allen and Thom deepen their conversation from the previous episode about the actions we can all take to improve our self-esteem, emphasizing that concepts alone change nothing. It is all about putting what we are learning into practice. In the case of self-esteem, we are often limited by the repetition of early familial programming that has become "normal." Once problems are identified, the first step to changing things ironically is to accept what we are discovering.


Reference to Thom's first book, Simple Truth, specifically his therapeutic nutshell, "Each day practice accepting exactly who you are and you will never stop changing." Beyond that daily acceptance, introducing some doubt is step 2 -- meaning, becoming able to question/doubt the accuracy and/or completeness of how we have come to define ourselves. Step 3 is introducing imagination with hypothetical question such as songwriter Jana Stanfield does in her song, “If I Were Brave.” The question posed is, "What would I do today if I were brave?" More to follow in this ongoing conversation, but Allen and Thom point out that change always requires our personal involvement and a willingness to take action.


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