Episode Thirty-Six: Former Lives, Wisdom & Hindsight

Episode 36 March 29, 2021 00:55:12
Episode Thirty-Six: Former Lives, Wisdom & Hindsight
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Episode Thirty-Six: Former Lives, Wisdom & Hindsight

Mar 29 2021 | 00:55:12


Show Notes

Allen & Thom do a deep dive this week into their raw formative periods, underlining how the pain and complications of their pasts contributed to the men they are today. They offer insight into their recoveries, as well as intense and humorous anecdotes about their early careers working in mental wards with violent and disturbed patients.


We’re off next week for Easter, but we’ll be back on 4/11 with two new guests.


Join Allen & Thom at our Thursday night Zoom meeting on Emotional Sobriety and the Steps (login information below)



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