Episode Twenty: How Can We Stop Ourselves From Taking Things Personally? (Part Two)

Episode 20 November 30, 2020 00:47:05
Episode Twenty: How Can We Stop Ourselves From Taking Things Personally? (Part Two)
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Episode Twenty: How Can We Stop Ourselves From Taking Things Personally? (Part Two)

Nov 30 2020 | 00:47:05


Show Notes

Allen and Thom pick the conversation up where they left off last week, by clarifying that taking something personally does not mean that we don’t care what another person is saying to us.

When learning not to automatically buy into those unenforceable, unconscious, and often erroneous self-imposed rules, we need to distinguish between the rules that help us develop empathy and willingness to change, and those that only add toxicity. Ultimately, learning to not take things personally is about being true to ourselves. We need to be open to influence from others but not let other people’s opinions count more than our own.

Both hosts acknowledge that this information must be individualized for it to be most effective. As much as we have in common, we are each still individuals.

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Next week: Allen and Thom will be joined by Sherry Gaba, LCSW - renowned psychotherapist, life coach, and certified recovery coach.

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