Episode Sixteen: How Do We Accept What We Cannot Change? (Part Two)

Episode 16 November 02, 2020 00:51:05
Episode Sixteen: How Do We Accept What We Cannot Change? (Part Two)
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Episode Sixteen: How Do We Accept What We Cannot Change? (Part Two)

Nov 02 2020 | 00:51:05


Show Notes

Allen and Thom focus on resistance to acceptance and quickly discover that resistance may not be the best way to understand our difficulty with accepting uncomfortable and painful things. Re-imagining what we consider resistance as a natural part of the process of getting to acceptance is more useful. And in that way of framing it, there is not an implication that we are doing something wrong.

Next week, Allen and Thom will be joined by their first guest: psychotherapist and author, John Amodeo, Ph.D. The three of them explore the essential differences between responsibility and blame.

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